Freed Object is technology generalists specializing in information management and software development.

Our philosophy is: People focused solutions to people-centric problems.

People focused solutions to people-centric problems

Information is the currency of non-profit and commercial enterprises alike.

It stirs thought and guides action.

With such real and potential impact, information deserves due consideration:

  • Priorities and capacity: What information is valuable; are resources expended on information which is not?
  • Access and security: Where is the information stored; how is it accessed, what happens when things go wrong?
  • Analysis and leverage: Are there missed perspectives or trends; can broader or stronger context be built by integrating and calibrating data sets?

Technology provides only structural responses; humans are both the architects and residents.

Freed Object relies on a combination of design simplicity, dialogue continuity, and pragmatism to build and manage solutions that make effective use of technology helping businesses and organizations carry out their work.

Understanding well the implications of resource constrained, sensitive, politically charged or otherwise complex environments, Freed Object works closely with its client partners iterating through increasingly maturing solutions.

What we do


Through our unique approach of iterating in quick steps with client partners, Freed Object has created a number of solutions leveraging technology to assist with everyday tasks. Past and current client partners include:

AERC D+R International Eaglecom The Guernica Centre for International Justice Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG) Justicia Transicional MX The Legal Aid Society National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Wrightsoft

Projects can bring together stakeholders across a global community. Freed Object has extensive experience in multicultural and multilingual environments, having worked on projects for:

  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Iraq
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Uganda
  • United States of America
  • Venezuela

Needs of organizations, projects and individuals range broadly. As technology generalists, Freed Object can meet these diverse needs, from offering expert advice on technology-related matters, to managing technology vendors and staff, to evaluating out-of-box solutions, to designing and building custom information systems.


Below is a sample of some scenarios for which Freed Object has provided solutions.
Human Rights

Human Rights

Researchers wished to document historical and ongoing violations of human rights.

Freed Object created a comprehensive two-prong information system. First, the organization’s hundreds of thousands of relevant documents were centralized into an optimized and searchable collection, allowing researchers to effectively retrieve and review the institution’s collective knowledge. Second, software was built enabling researchers to organize and structure information retrieved from these documents, making use of robust searching mechanisms and supported data entry. A key success from this project was the ability to establish links among the structured information to build context and understanding. Expanding these links through data-mining, patterns and trends could be identified as well as gaps of missing information.

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Scientists sought to share and collaborate on wildlife disease data.

Freed Object managed several technology vendors independently building software components, then integrated their products into a cohesive and innovative web-based suite of tools. The resulting information system allowed scientists to import and standardize data sets, aggregate the results, then generate reports, maps and other visualizations. A key success from this project was to secure the organization’s disparate data sets kept on individuals’ laptops and coordinate institutional data standards.

Good Governance

Good Governance

Rural stakeholders desired information about project's activities.

Freed Object designed and built a web standards compliant system that allowed for the dissemination of project information within the low-connectivity rural environment of a developing economy nation. A key success from this project was the ability to communicate online throughout resource-constrained multicultural offices.



Lengthy manual calculations in spreadsheets were tedious and prone to human error.

Freed Object created a variety of Excel-based solutions that enabled engineers to automate data manipulation and analysis processes. A key success from this project was the streamlining of calculations to improve productivity and minimize error.


Freed Object is not focused on technology; rather, it is focuses on delivering solutions with technology.

One of the greatest challenges for projects which rely heavily on technology, is that they are frequently designed and driven solely by those without the necessary technical background. Thus, often resulting solutions are confined to limited technical experience.

Freed Object endeavours to support such projects by providing the critical expert voice in each step of decision-making, communicating clearly the possibilities, implications and constraints.

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